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Wedding Venue, Musicians, and Other Traditions of a Royal Wedding

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their wedding will take place at Westminster Abbey on 19 Mai 2018. Before the royal marriage, the bride-to-be was an American actress, blogger, and charity ambassador. Her wedding will be a royal family event, with many traditions. This article will focus on the Wedding Venue, Musicians and Other Traditions around a royal marriage. Let's have a closer look.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will wed at Westminster Abbey

Divorce is not an obstacle to getting married in church. But, there's a good chance Meghan Markle will be allowed into Westminster Abbey to wed. Markle's separation from Trevor Engelson will not prevent her marriage to Prince Harry. They would be permitted to have a quiet wedding ceremony and would follow the example of Prince William or Kate Middleton.

While the couple's engagement ceremony took place three days before, Vanity Fair deemed it unusual and confirmed that they would be married at the famous English church. According to the magazine Prince Harry wept during the congregation singing of "Guide Me O Great Savior", Diana's favorite hymn. This hymn was used as the opening hymn at William and Kate's 2011 wedding.

Traditions surrounding royal marriages

Marriage between royal families was an effective way to strengthen international relations in the Middle Ages. When Henry VII's son married Catherine of Aragon, she was dressed in the finest clothes and rode a horse decked with gold bells. All white was her choice. This is just one example of the many traditions that surround royal family weddings. We'll look at some of these funnier traditions.

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The bridals of the royal family often leave a floral wreath to the tombs of their husbands and their families at Westminster Abbey. The Queen must grant permission for the bride and groom to marry. The queen must also approve the marriage of any six children who are in the line for the throne. This is believed to be a way of remembering the dead. This custom is observed at all royal marriages.


You've found the perfect place to host a royal wedding. This historic location is near Westminster Palace, which is one of the most iconic buildings in Washington. It has been the scene of numerous royal occasions, including the weddings of Queen Victoria (now Prince Albert). It has historic interiors with stained-glass windows. If you're considering a royal family wedding, you should take a look at the various venues.

Westminster Abbey, founded in 13th-century England, is one the oldest venues for a royal marriage. There has been a royal wedding there for hundreds years. Queen Elizabeth II was married there in 1937, and Prince Philip in 1947. In Westminster Abbey, Prince William and Kate Middleton married in 2011. The weddings of Prince Andrew and Princess Diana are among the most well-known.


The royal family's May 19 wedding will feature a number of musical highlights, including a performance by Prince Henry and actress Meghan Markle. Despite the romantic atmosphere of the wedding, there will be some odd traditions like pies and fancy fanfare. Music and singers will make the wedding more than just pretty sounds. Read on for some insight. Here's a list of musicians that are expected to play at the royal nuptials.

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The couple asked Sheku Kanneh Mason, a cellist, to perform at their nuptials. The 19-year-old has been a popular musician in recent times and will play the cello at their wedding. Prince Harry has a close relationship with the cellist. He first saw her at a Halo Foundation charity event. Prince Harry has also requested a group of Black musicians to play at the royal wedding.

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Wedding Venue, Musicians, and Other Traditions of a Royal Wedding