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Mental Health Celebrities - What Men Can Do to Make It More Normal

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When it comes to mental health, there is a new norm for men. This 'new normal' is being ushered in by celebrities who are breaking down the shame, stigma, and toxic idea that having a mental illness detracts from your worth. Let's look at some of these stars. These men's bravery can teach us a lot. But how can we make that more normal for men.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato, pop star and singer has spoken out about her struggles with addiction and mental illness. She previously spoke out about her depression, bipolar disorder, and shared her experiences in sober living. She has also revealed that she has self-harmed when she was younger. Demi also shared her personal struggles with addiction and mental illness. She has publicly supported Hillary Clinton's campaign. The teen singer's actions may surprise fans but they do give a glimpse of her life.

Simone Biles

If you're a fan of Olympic athletes and you're concerned about your own mental health, you've probably heard of Simone Biles. The gymnast, who is one of the world's best, has recently signed on as the chief impact officer for Cerebral, a mental health care platform. Biles, who had to withdraw from the Olympics final competition due to a mental illness, has taken advantage of her public platform to promote therapy and mental health.

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Jon Hamm

Many famous athletes and stars are now open about their struggle with addiction and mental illness. Jon Hamm is no exception. He has made a number of public statements that are encouraging. Hamm joined a number of other celebrities that have shared details about their battles against addiction and with depression. Chance the Rapper and the royals are two other notable celebrities who have de-stigmatized their mental health. Visit the National Alliance for Mental Health to learn more about mental health.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones's public announcement about her mental health has opened up a dialogue on mental health in the media. While celebrities rarely have their mental health problems under the spotlight, it is not uncommon for them to be the center of attention. Pemberton said that although the predominant narrative regarding mental illness in the media is "it made me more strong", it is rare to see those with more serious mental conditions. Because of this, celebrities' portrayals by the media are often highly speculative. Zeta-Jones was nevertheless respectful and grounded in reality.

Taraji P. Henson

As a Golden Globe-winning actress and Oscar nominee, Taraji P. Henson has long been a mental health advocate. She hopes to normalize mental health conversations. Many African Americans are less likely to seek treatment for their mental health problems. People are often discouraged from seeking treatment because of racial differences and poor experiences. Black people are particularly affected by stigmatizing mental illness.

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Mental Health Celebrities - What Men Can Do to Make It More Normal