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Roy Clark Dies at the Age of 85

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Roy Linwood Clark has passed away at 85. He was most well-known as host of "Hee Haw," a long-running series of country comedy sketches. Although he didn't play a traditional guitar, Roy Clark's quick wit and fleet-fingered instrumental skills made him one of the most beloved ambassadors of country music. In addition to his work on the TV series, he inspired countless pickers to take up the instrument through his instructional guitar books.

Roy Linwood Clark

Roy Linwood Clark (the late, great Roy Linwood Clark) was born in Meherrin on April 15, 1983. He was a multi-instrumentalist, crossover artist, and longtime host of the hit television show, "Hee Haw." Clark was inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Clark hosted "Swinging Country," a nationally syndicated radio show that featured country music.

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His guitar work

After a short tour through the U.S.A, Roy Clark started recording instrumental albums for Capitol Records. In spite of his newfound fame, Roy Clark was a broke musician, having to borrow money to eat. Jim Halsey had him set up to play at the clubs where Wanda Jackson performs, but it was too difficult to travel by car. Roy and Barbara drove to gigs while staying in budget hotels. Roy Clark began to appear on Dean's Town and Country in 1955.

His TV career

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His family

The Clark family hails from Meherrin Virginia and was a working-class family during the Depression. Roy Clark, who was the oldest, moved with his family to Washington, D.C., when he was eight years old. His father played guitar for a country band on WRVA radio that he still listens today. The Clarks shared many instruments as a family including the mandolin, banjo, and guitar.

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His career

Roy Linwood Clark was born on 15 April 1933 in Washington, DC. He is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and musician. Clark was a musician from an early age. His mother was a pianist and he played banjo and guitar. Clark was 14 years old when he learned how to play the banjo and mandolin. Clark thought about a career in baseball in his teens. After completing his studies in a vocational high school he decided to move into the ring, and embrace his passion for music.


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Roy Clark Dies at the Age of 85