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Famous Celebrity Mug Shots

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It's hard to believe that famous people have had as many mug shots taken as they do. Here are just a handful of famous mug shots taken by celebrities. We've rounded up Marilyn Manson's, Jeremy Meeks', and Paris Hilton's mug shots. Their stories will be clear once you see them. There's also the Marilyn Manson mugshot.

Vanilla Ice's mugshot

While the criminal justice system doesn't make an easy job of proving that Vanilla Ice committed a crime, the rap star is in no position to deny it. The rapper has played many roles over his career, from a rap artist to a singer of nu metal to a movie star. Even the rapper's little girl has taken part in the media spotlight. Vanilla Ice's mugshot reminds us that he was arrested.

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Marilyn Manson's mugshot

A new photo of Marilyn Manson can be viewed by fans. The notoriously difficult-to-find musician has been in the spotlight for many reasons, including accusations of sexual abuse. He was dropped by his record label in 2012 after engagement rumors surfaced, and other women have come forward to accuse him of abuse. A February report by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department stated that they were looking into domestic violence claims against Manson, while he was living and working in West Hollywood.

Jeremy Meeks' mugshot

His mugshot went viral when Jeremy Meeks got arrested in Stockton, California for a felony. The striking similarities of the mugshot to a headshot of a model made it viral. Meeks served his 36-month sentence and credits "God's plan" for his success. He has been modeling, acting and travelling the world in the meantime.

Paris Hilton's mugshot

Paris Hilton's mugshots make for a fascinating aspect of her public image. She was arrested several times in her early years for minor offenses as well as more serious crimes. As her fame grew she became more famous by sharing some behind-the scene details of reality TV programs. Her mugshots clearly show her serious behavior, so it's worth looking at what she looked like when she was arrested.

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Reese Witherspoon's mugshot

A mugshot that the star of "Baby Driver" shows herself has been controversial. The actress was charged with DUI in Atlanta on September 17. She later pleaded guilty to the charges and was fined $213. In the days immediately following her arrest, she was interviewed in a press conference for her film "Wild", which was screened at London Film Festival by the BFI.

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Famous Celebrity Mug Shots