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The History of the English Monarchy

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You've reached the right place if you are interested in the history and development of the English monarchy. You will learn about the origins of the English monarchy and Henry VIII's reign. Also, the succession crisis between Edward VI (and Henry VIII) will be discussed. Next, you will learn more about Henry VIII's capture of Ireland, as well as Oliver Cromwell’s attempts to return England back to Roman Catholicism. This article provides information on the English monarchy's influence on the nation and the various components of it.

Henry VIII reign

The financial aspects of Henry VIII's reign are a complex topic. The monarch was a huge spender. He used income from Reformation parliament and the dissolutions monasteries for lavish spending sprees. Additionally, he turned money he received from Rome into royal income. Henry's financial future was in constant jeopardy. He was eventually forced to go on a series of expensive and ultimately unsuccessful wars.

Edward VI's succession crises

Edward VI was dying and Tudor dynasty was faced with a succession problem. Edward made plans to amend the father's will regarding succession during this crisis. The Duke from Northumberland was made Lord President and was an effective ruler. Edward was already involved in the Government’s decisions, and had plans for his successor. However, the Devise never was officially adopted.

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Henry VIII's possession of Ireland

During his reign, Henry VIII used his powers against the Catholic Church to further his aims. The Laws of Wales Acts established a legal union with England and Wales. Henry VIII became the first English monarch to have control over Ireland through the Crown of Ireland Act. The Act also made Henry the first English monarch to be crowned King of Ireland. Ireland was previously a papal possession. Henry VIII had ambitions to establish a united Ireland, but it was not possible without the modifications made to Parliament. This reform reorganized Parliament's function and set the stage to a conflict between the Crown and Parliament that lasted until the English Civil War.

Oliver Cromwell tries to return England Roman Catholicism

The Reformation saw the Church of England reestablished and Oliver Cromwell executed King Charles I's death warrant in 1649. He was a member of the Rump Parliament (1649-53) and dominated the short-lived Commonwealth of England. He was appointed in 1650 to lead the English army against the Irish Confederate. The English forces defeated Ireland’s army and occupied Ireland. Here they passed the Penal Laws. The English forces waged a war against Scotland's army in 1650-1651.

George VI's effigy picture

William Reid Dick, a Scottish artist, sculpted King George VI's effigy portrait at St. George's Chapel in Windsor. Dick designed 16 official portraits of royalty, including George VI. The portrait depicts Queen Elizabeth wearing her diamond necklace. The official currency is displaying the portrait. These portraits are also displayed in many public places, including government buildings as well as private residences.

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The History of the English Monarchy